Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to Future Soon Radio (BETA)

Hi People,

The other day I was mining my RSS reader when I stumbled upon a great video speech by Cory Doctorow about copyright and futurism.

It is awesome! Cory was speaking to a group of people at the Beijing Bookworm bookstore in Beijing. The video was shot by Victor Muh, and the event was hosted by

Well, since I am an under-employed broadcast journalist/writer, I thought I would make an audio-copy for people who still like not having to look at a screen.

So here it is.

powered by ODEO

To see the video, go to, where you will see Cory read some of his fiction and listen in on a pretty good Q & A.

Thanks to Cory, Danwei and Victor Muh for letting me put this on Future Soon Radio.

The kickin' music is "Push" from the group Cheebacabra. I found them on PodSafe Audio, so check them out.

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