Friday, June 8, 2007

The Slow Loris is so cute that its existence is in danger.

BBC is reporting that the Slow Loris is under threat of extinction because of the illegal animal trade.

"The pet shops advertise them, and they're very popular to Japanese ladies," says Masayuki Sakamoto from the Japan Wildlife Conservation Society.

"They're easy to keep, they don't cry, they're small, and just very cute."

But they are easily damaged, babies often die because they can't clean themselves, and they are separated from other members of their species, which means no breeding.

And that doesn't even touch on the young that are killed during capture, and the destruction of their rainforest habitat.

And it gets worse, because researchers now suspect that the slow loris population in comprised of multiple species, not just one. The slow loris habitat ranges from northern India down through Burma, Thailand, and peninsular Malaysia, across into Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and into the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines.

So now multiple species are under threat.

Not good.


Anonymous said...

There are only 2 slow lorises in Australia we have to save em

Anonymous said...

Actually mabe i should introduce myself i am a researcher of slow loris we are trying a breeding plan and also we have found why they are dieing out Scardem they are easily frightened and have a heart attack easily

sandy said...

gosh, i wish you had left your name and contact details. they sound like lovely pets for quiet apartment living.

shaneo said...

Sandy, its people with your ideas that make this species endangered. why don't you stick to cats and leave the saving to people who are actually concerned about its well being not how it would look in your apartment.